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Today on the main site I’ve added two new ceramics pieces to the main artwork galleries and one to the commissions gallery.

The two ceramics pieces were both accidental in a way. I have visions for them when I began and they did not turn out anything like what I imaged. But, that’s how it is with ceramics. The first, the “Fallen Soldier” was originally an upright sculpture which I wanted to look powerful and angry! I made his head huge and his legs tiny and his beard resembled fire! But I pushed the proportions too much and his legs were so thin that on the day of the pre-bisque-fire critique, he slipped right off his legs. But I tried to roll with it. I decided to continue with this project, and not start over, because now my piece had a story. Now my piece was tragic and the soldier begged for sympathy instead of fear. I felt sorry for my piece and wanted now, to play up the tragedy.  So I glazed him in pale colors and his leg came off during glaze firing! Gah! Not a problem–it fit well with the new idea.

The second ceramics piece that I added today is a ceramic bra. My intention for this piece was to be a coffee-table platter on which M&M’s and peanuts could be served. It looked fantastic before glaze firing, but the colors ended up very streaky and several cracks developed during firing. Now exactly how I wanted the piece to come out.

Finally, the commission that I added was a simple, one-color T-shirt design for a drumming organization. The idea was to have drums take the place of bombs. “Make Drums Not War” is the message of the shirt.

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