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Here is a commission that I finished some time ago for a custom Christmas greeting card. This portrait of a house was done in watercolors on cold press paper.

As always, I worked from a photograph. Starting with a sketch, I refined the drawing and transferred it onto my watercolor block with tracing paper and graphite paper. I did an outline in ink, which is especially helpful for geometric objects like this, and then I went to work with the paints. Most of the piece was rendered in watercolors, but the stars and lights were added in afterwards with colored pencil. You can view this and other commissions in the commissions gallery on shaunart.net

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The commissioned work gallery has been updated with the latest portrait of a house completed for a local real-estate agency. Done in watercolors and black ink, this “fluffy” watercolor portrait is light and simple, and makes for a wonderful gift by which a seller can remember their former home.

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Another painting not yet discussed on the web, this is a recently commissioned tattoo design. The patron is an Aquarius, and wants her next tattoo to be a mermaid fused with Aquarian symbolism.

The painting is fairly small in person–about 6 or 7 inches tall. Painted with watercolors and outlined in colored microns on cold press watercolor paper. This was an absolutely delightful piece to work on! I wish every job I got was this much fun.

Do you know someone looking for an artist to design his or her next tattoo? Send them my way; I love tattoo design, and I make it quite affordable. http://www.shaunart.net

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The New Year

This post is to highlight a little project that I threw together at the last minute for my musician brother. He put out a new single titled “The New Year” this week, and the graphic that we collaboratively constructed is below.

Nothing too special or complicated; this happened in about 10 minutes. Eric took the picture for the background and I did the bike, balloon and text in photoshop. A rush job, but I think it still looks cute.

You can download the single for free by visiting this page.

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Musician and little brother Eric Leva has just released a new Holiday EP, available for free as a download when you sign up for his mailing list. The album artwork for this EP, available only in digital form, was created by yours truly.

This painting was executed from start to finish using photoshop. It was a pretty straight forward task: I laid down the background colors, added some shadows and depth to the snow, put stars in the sky and a multi-color circular glow on the horizon. The only part of the painting that took me more than 5 minutes were the trees and their shadows, which I painted using my tablet. All in all I am very satisfied with the quietness and simplicity of the work.

You can download a copy of Eric’s Holiday EP by visiting his website: http://ericlevamusic.com/

For future viewing, this painting will be added to the commissions gallery on Shaunart.net where you can see many more of my past works created at the request of others.

I seem to be doing a lot of album art lately!

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I recently completed another commission for CD album art! Here is the finished packaging images.

All the images and type were rendered digitally by me.

You can find out more about the music and the artist at http://www.ronbrault.com

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Here is a Commission that I recently completed for a local Real-estate Agency. They wanted three original paintings of one of their client’s homes.

I like painting houses in watercolors because the softness of the paint helps to ease the hard geometry of the modern home. These portraits are quick, and fun to do.

The only real challenge with this commission was that I needed to paint the same exact painting three times. I couldn’t make a reproduction, because then they would not all be on the textured watercolor paper, and the cold press paper is a big part of an original watercolor’s charm.

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Hey now. This is the second published CD packaging that I have designed and illustrated. But this–technically an EP–is special, because it is the work of my little brother, Eric Leva. I get to say little because he is younger than me.

Anyway, I’ll talk briefly about the music in a totally unbiased manner, let you have a quick listen, and then get onto the art. “Enter the Shell” wrote a review of the EP and said,

The Scheme of Things EP is a record that you can’t help but be happy about. Every song is uplifting, light-hearted, heartwarming, and packed with quality musical accompaniment, that leaves you wanting more.” And you can read the rest of the review here.

Eric says that the EP is of the pop/folk variety, so if that sounds like something you would listen to play the sample below, then head on over to his website to hear more.

Okay! Onto the artwork.

This is what the finished outer packaging looks like, bleeds included. That while box is for the barcode. I wanted to keep this airy and atmospheric, while still giving everything a very flat cut-and-paste sort of style. All of the buildings were made with textured paper brushes. I used photoshop and illustrator to pull together the images and the text. When you open up the outer packaging, you will find this:

A very simple disk with a dream-like city floating around on it. You can view view the EP design in my graphic design gallery, or buy a copy of your own to look at whenever and wherever you want.

The Scheme Of Things -Ep, by Eric Leva is now available on itunes, amazon, bandcamp, storeenvy and through his website.

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Just completed a commission for a repeat client. It’s a drawing of a house, with a few light washes of watercolor over it. This painting was quick and inexpensive. If anyone needs a painting of a house, I would definitely take a commission like this again.


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Graduation cap

For my brother’s graduation this past Sunday, I decorated his cap for him, as many students do, to reflect their interests and personalities. The whole thing was done in acrylic paint and sharpie markers. Thanks to two years in college, this cap looks a lot better than my own did at my high school graduation.

Acrylic paint is a good way to decorate these caps because it dries quickly, is opaque one to three coats, and when it dries, it is water-proof and won’t smudge in the rain. Sharpies are useful for detail work and can be used in combination with a straight-edge to make nice clean straight lines. Graduation caps can also be decorated with spray paint, and air-brush paint because these are also opaque mediums and will sit nicely on top of the fabric. If you have access to a curves needle, or are really patient with a straight one, you can decorate your graduation cap with buttons, ribbons, and embroidery.

My best advice to you when decorating a cap is to draw a picture of it first. Draw a square on a piece of paper, and draw what you want on your cap. Draw a couple of ideas, and pick the one you like best, and copy it as accurately as you can onto the cap. You can use soap or chalk to lightly sketch out your idea onto the hat. Once all paint is completely dry, you can use a damp cloth to wipe away that soap or chalk markings. Just be sure not to lay on the chalk so thick that the paint cannot get under it to adhere to the fabric.

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