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Recently completed album artwork for sibling and musician Eric Leva. Done entirely with a digital tablet in photoshop, this doodle will be the featured image for his new single “Heart Gallery,” available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc on January 29th, 2013.

Eric is planning to release a new single at the end of every month for an entire year. So that may mean quite a bit more album art from me as well. In the mean time you can see more of my commissioned work, including quite a bit of my album art in the commissioned work gallery on Shaunart.net

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The New Year

This post is to highlight a little project that I threw together at the last minute for my musician brother. He put out a new single titled “The New Year” this week, and the graphic that we collaboratively constructed is below.

Nothing too special or complicated; this happened in about 10 minutes. Eric took the picture for the background and I did the bike, balloon and text in photoshop. A rush job, but I think it still looks cute.

You can download the single for free by visiting this page.

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Okay! Now that the Holidays are over, and my internet connection restored, I can get back to updating my site and this blog.

Here we have my last painting for the advertising illustration class that I finished this past semester. Our assignment was to design an album cover. Now, album art is a very broad subject; it varies as widely as music does, so this was essentially an open assignment. Our image just needed to fit into a square composition.

The music that I listen to today is pretty heavy. I am a big fan of metal, hard rock, and alternative. However I don’t like to take myself, or my music too seriously. Therefore I wanted to create an image that is so badass that it approaches the line of being comical. When I was little, one of my favorite things to draw were lizards with big scary teeth. Now that I’m a full grown and fully trained painter, looking over my portfolio I didn’t seem to have any lizards in it! What a shame. This was the perfect opportunity, I thought, to add my favorite lizard, the Komodo Dragon to my animal repertoire. Other things that I liked while growing up were fire, and space. In this painting I am combining all the major visual elements from my childhood into an extremely personalized painting.

I am really happy with how it turned out, even though the fire ball did give me some trouble. I am very confident when it comes to painting solid surfaces like skin, rock, and even reflective surfaces like ice and metal, but give me a fluid surface like water or fire, and I have somewhat of a more difficult time conveying that fluidity and translucency. Most of the painting is done in watercolors and colored pencil, but the gaseous nebula and fireball were painting in opaque tube acrylics because it is much easier for me to paint light coming out of darkness using an opaque medium.

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Musician and little brother Eric Leva has just released a new Holiday EP, available for free as a download when you sign up for his mailing list. The album artwork for this EP, available only in digital form, was created by yours truly.

This painting was executed from start to finish using photoshop. It was a pretty straight forward task: I laid down the background colors, added some shadows and depth to the snow, put stars in the sky and a multi-color circular glow on the horizon. The only part of the painting that took me more than 5 minutes were the trees and their shadows, which I painted using my tablet. All in all I am very satisfied with the quietness and simplicity of the work.

You can download a copy of Eric’s Holiday EP by visiting his website: http://ericlevamusic.com/

For future viewing, this painting will be added to the commissions gallery on Shaunart.net where you can see many more of my past works created at the request of others.

I seem to be doing a lot of album art lately!

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I recently completed another commission for CD album art! Here is the finished packaging images.

All the images and type were rendered digitally by me.

You can find out more about the music and the artist at http://www.ronbrault.com

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