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Last figure from this latest batch of colored pencil figures that I’ve been posting. This one was done with a henna colored pencil on pearl paper with white for the highlights.

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Here is another figure drawing done in burnt sienna colored pencil, with white and cream for the highlights. I also worked in some henna colored pencil where the light comes out of shadow to give the figure some life. It looked pretty lifeless with just burnt sienna.

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So hopefully you’ve already seen my  centaur skeleton. If not you can take a look at it here. But this is the second half of that assignment of drawing mythical creatures. For this half, we had to put our creature in his or her natural environment.

I decided to depict my centaur from behind to make it feel more like an undisturbed nature scene. The centaur is not interacting with the viewer, he is going about his hunting totally unaware of our presence.

This drawing was done with colored pencil on colored paper. This is the first time in a long while that I have done a fully rendered piece in colored pencil, and it took a while for me to get my bearings. Overall I am pleasantly surprised with how this piece came out.

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