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Easter has never been a huge affair in my house, but I love Holidays of any shape or size. Therefore this year I decided to get a little festive with my table settings and make bunnies out of dinner napkins!


I got the idea while ironing a table-cloth for the up-coming brunch, and turned to the internet for help. I found a super easy tutorial on the Better Homes and Gardens Youtube page, and within minutes, my mom and I were folding bunnies. All you need is a cloth napkin and some ribbon or string. The video can be found here.


The tutorial even adds a little cotton tail, but I decided to skip this step and save myself from picking up a zillion loose cotton balls after dinner.


I got so carried away that I think I made 16 bunnies for only 9 guests. Above are the eight “big” bunnies. We were short one large napkin. But we had other white, slightly smaller napkins, and I couldn’t just make one small bunny for the leftover plate. I had to make 8.


Here is my bunny troupe at their table-settings, with a basket of eggs in the center.


I also dyed eggs this Easter, attempting to make designs with stickers and crayon wax. As you can see, some designs worked well, while others not so much. Cute colors nonetheless.



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