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So I know the fourth was a week ago, but here are my fireworks photos from this year. Videos to come shortly.

Aren’t they beautiful?

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Sadly, I am very disappointed in what I saw on the actual fourth of July in terms of photographable fireworks. We were stationed on the beach in New Hampshire, surrounded by fireworks going off in the distance, but there were very few close enough to shoot. The best shots I got, and the best video, is from a private party lighting fireworks on the beach. Note that all of these images are RAW.

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Last night I attended another fireworks display, this time in Wilmington. This show was a really dazzling one, but more difficult to photograph because the fireworks went off at irregular intervals making it more difficult than the Lexington show to get the timing right. I got a few good shots, but I decided that I would film the finally, instead of try to capture it in stills–which would be a mess of white blurs.

My favorite picture is the third one, which looks like a Pokeball.

And here’s the video**…..

**embarrassing side note, I filmed this with the camera turned on its side, and now I can’t figure out how to right it on the computer. I don’t think I can……So….The video is sideways. You may rotate your head 90 degrees to the left to view correctly.

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This post is a visual post more than anything; my favorite part about The Fourth of July is the Fire works, and because the Fourth falls on a Sunday this year, I get to enjoy fireworks all weekend long. Below is a gallery of the fireworks show I saw last night in Lexington Massachusetts. I will have more fireworks and other patriotic images up as the weekend continues.

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