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Graphite illustration from the Hunch Back of Notre Dame. Quasimodo has saved Esmerelda from being hanged, and brought her to the cathedral under the law of sanctuary. The Truands then charge the cathedral in an attempt to save Esmerelda. However Quasimodo thinks that they want to hurt Esmerelda, so he is committed to driving them off.  Ultimately though, everyone ends up dead.

In the book (I am told: I have not read it), it was emphasized that the cathedral was the most important character, so I tried to give the Cathedral character through the perspective, the dramatic lighting, and the clouds and smoke that surrounds it.

The Truands are an organized group of city thieves, so I didn’t want them to look too soldier-like. They are prepared for a fight, but not as well equipped as the king’s men would be.

Quasimodo and Esmerelda have retreated way up high on the balcony of the right bell-tower. If not for their torch, it would be impossible to see distinguish them for the human-sized gargoyles.

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Classes are done for the year! All I have left to work on is some final papers. But as far as studio classes go, I am DONE with work. This is my latest piece from drawing for Illustration. Our assignment was to draw a gargoyle in an architectural setting. Now, I did a lot of research on gargoyles for this project, and they can be just about anything. They can be dogs, and lions, and bats, goblins, dragons, and chimeras. They were originally invented as primitive gutters. They were designed as water-spouts that channel water out their mouths and away from the edges of the stone cathedrals to prevent erosion.

I did a lot of thumbnails for this because I wanted to come up with something interesting. Once my idea was set in stone, I used sheets of tracing paper to turn rough compositional sketches into a fully developed sketch with all of the perspective worked out. Then I worked from background to foreground rendering.

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I have completed a new illustration! It has been added to the website’s main gallery as well as the illustration page. This is a graphite 9×12 illustration of a waterfall spirit. Our assignment was to create some sort of denizen of nature. A spirit, or ghoul, or god of the natural world.

I didn’t want to do the same old fairy or plant person for this. I wanted to come up with something a little less commonly thought of when you say “nature spirit,” because really, that could mean anything! So I started with sketches of rock people and tree-people and some ugly fish people. I really do like drawing water and clouds….so I decided to go with both! Waterfalls are a great combination of turbulent water and mist. The rapids were especially fun to draw because of their chaos which turned into a pattern as to not draw attention away from the figure.

I wanted this image to be iconic, and that’s the reason for the nearly symmetrical composition. The face really is the important thing here and the sense of power it and the  hands convey. This is one bad-ass lady controlling or occupying this waterfall. She has to be cool to be so unaffected by that dangerous water.

I’m happy with how this drawing came out and I received great comments and marks for it. I’m looking forward to my next illustration which will have more awesome clouds in it. 😀

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