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This past weekend Kelley and I attended Granite State Comicon as vending artists in their Artist’s Alley and Dealer’s room. I had a wonderful time and met some really cool people! With Halloween coming up, many of you asked if I had a store online or made custom masks. Yes, and yes! I sell my masks and other costume wear through etsy at http://www.etsy.com/shop/shaunart. I was waiting to list a lot of masks until after the convention was over, but now that I’m done with Granite State, I will be listing the bulk of what didn’t sell on my Etsy within the next few days. Be sure to check back!

If you need something very specific for Halloween, feel free to send me an email or message me through Etsy to start a commission. Get you commissions in soon, though! There’s only a month left before Halloween and I already have a few commissions in the works. The sooner you can place your mask orders, the better your chances of me accepting it for a Halloween delivery.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to Granite State Comicon, and to all the artist’s in our vending row who made the convention so much fun! Hope to see you all again next year.

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This weekend (Saturday and Sunday), Kelley and I will be exhibiting and selling our wares at Granite State Comicon! You can find us in the Artist’s Alley, booth number 907. I’ve included a map below with our table circled.  Granite Con will be held at the Radisson Center of New Hampshire, 700 Elm Street, Manchester on September 28th & 29th.

Granitecon 2013 Floorplan copy

The spaces for Granite Con are not as big as the one we had for Connecticon, so we won’t be able to bring our vertical displays, but we still plan to pack our table with leather masks, armor and bracelets, handmade jewelry, costume accessories, hair pieces and more! Kelley will be doing face paint and balloon animals, and I’ll have my caricature supplies on hand! We’re happy to do your makeup for the convention with Kelley’s hypoallergenic face paints, or get your costume started for Halloween with the perfect mask. Want something specific made for Halloween? We take commissions! If you order a mask at the convention, we will have it to you in time to celebrate every costumer’s favorite holiday on Oct 31st.

granitecon icon

For more information on placing a commission, you can visit my website at: http://shaunart.net, or send me an email direct.

For more information on the convention, check out their website: http://granitecon.com

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If you were unaware, I teach a manga class for children every Wednesday night in Medford, MA. Last week we were creating some characters for Halloween, and while the kids were concentrating on their task, I whipped up these little doodles. They seem to like it when I draw with them, and are always interested to see what I am up do.

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I want to say thank you to everyone who came out to the open house this past weekend at the Western Avenue Studios. I had a great weekend and made a lot of new contacts. I practically ran out of business cards and promo bookmarks, and I am very grateful for the interest in my work. There will be four more big open house days in December, the 1st, 2nd, 8th, & 9th. If you didn’t get a chance to come to the studios this month, but are still interested, those are your days. The open studios are a great opportunity to get some Christmas shopping done, and a chance to find some absolutely one of a kind gifts.

Most people were stunned to find out affordable most of my items were, and my items under $5 were flying off the shelf. I tend to have things for sale for every budget. I’ve always got a lot of great stocking stuffers for under $10, and a whole range of unique jewelry and prints for under $25. Larger original craft items and leather accessories go for under $50, and then for those of you with more expensive taste, I have original, beautifully framed paintings ranging in the hundreds of dollars.

Anything that I didn’t sell at the open house this past weekend will be going up on my Etsy store within the next few days. Some great Halloween items are already listed, so go take a look!

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I just added a boat-load of new pictures to the crafts gallery at Shaunart.net.  In preparation for the fourth quarter (the holiday season, crafting season, and an artist’s most profitable time of the year), I have completed a big round of crafting, making fall accessories from vegetable tanned leather. There are some really cute Halloween items in there, as well as general fall and harvest themed designs.

Though most of my designs are small, I have started getting into some larger leather cuffs, bracers, and masks. These items will be available for sale at my Open Studio event, happening today and tomorrow from 11-5pm. Anything left over after the open house will be listed on Etsy. However, if an item that suites your fancy does sell, I would be happy to make you another. No two handmade leather products are exactly alike, but I can make it as close as humanly possible! So let me know if you would like to commission a custom item.

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The craft gallery at Shaunart.net has been updated with ten new leather pieces. All medium to large jewelry and accessories, each item was made from vegetable tanned leather: hand-cut, carved, and painted by me. You can find all of my leather items currently for sale in my Etsy shop, but my best work will always be featured in my crafts portfolio whether or not the item has already sold.

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My Jack-o-lantern

I haven’t gotten to carve a jack-o-lantern in years! Being in College for Halloween every year makes it tough to find the time, the space, the supplies, and a place that allows candles to even show off the pumpkin. But because of the power outages in CT, I got to come  home for Halloween, and carve a skull face into this cute little pumpkin.

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Yesterday I dressed up for a “Zombie Prom” on campus. It is essentially a Zombie themed dance. There are lots of Zombie-themed events these days, and with Halloween only a week away we all have yet another reason to look like a Zombie! In this post, I am going to tell you how I made this hypo-allergenic zombie costume.

What you’ll need…

  • old jeans,
  • old shirt
  • eyeliner
  • black eye shadow
  • black lipstick and red lipstick
  • spirit gum
  • tea leaves, dirt, tree leaves, etc. (optional)
  • corn-syrup +red food coloring or store-bought fake blood

To Make Wounds…..

    • One box of clear, unflavored Gelatin.
    • 3/4 cup of water.
    • A pot and stove, or crock pot in which to heat gelatin and water.
    • Wax paper or cling wrap
    • A spoon
    • A coffee stirrer
    • Q-tips
    • Food Coloring, red, brown, blue, black

First, you’ll want to make your fake wounds the day before. Follow the instructions in this post to learn how to make these edible wounds. If you are going to be sticking them to your body, and not eating them, you don’t need to add any flavors like fruit or cookie crumbs. Just stick to the gelatin, food coloring, and tea leaves. Let your wounds harden over night so that they solidify. If you make them thin, they may become hard and brittle. This is totally okay to stick to your skin, you’ll just need to trim off any shriveled edges. If you make them thicker, they’ll remain more flexible. Either one is fine.

While your wounds are solidifying, we can work on the rest of the costume. Next you want to prepare your clothing. Whatever you choose, it should be old or something that you don’t care much about. The best way to make clothing look tattered is not to use scissors, but to use sandpaper and a cheese grater. Scrunch up small sections of  your shirt and your pants, and run them over the sand paper or cheese grater. The cheese grater will make big holes and tares that look totally natural, and the sand paper will cause small abrasions, pilling, loose threads, and small holes. Play around until you are happy with the results.

For realistic wear and tear, you want to focus on the high-points, joints, and cuffs. So on your shirt, you want to wear down the elbows a lot, the cuffs a lot, and the bottom of the shirt a lot. Then wear down the shoulders, chest upper back, and kidney-area to a slightly lessor degree. On your pants, you can do ahead and destroy the knees, give the cuffs a good run through the cheese grater, and sandpaper away at the thighs and seat of the pants.

Next, you’ll want to stain your clothes. I used natural sponges (which you can get at any art supply store) and acrylic liquid inks because they are fast-drying. First I mixed up some light-brown ink, like the color of tea (you can also use tea and coffee to stain your clothes) and dipped in my damp sponge. Then I blotted the stains on my shirt. I didn’t stain my pants, but that’s because I may still wear them for not-zombie things…. but you can go right ahead.

Now its time for blood on your clothes! Yay! Mix up a batch of ink that is half brown, half red. Maybe a little more brown if needed. You don’t want your blood to be bright red, especially on you’re clothes because that looks totally fake. Blood dries brown, so you want yours to be a rusty color. Take your sponge, and go to town! But don’t do TOO much blood because that looks tacky. Try adding one or two big splotches, and have the rest be small. And definitely leave some areas clean from blood so that there’s some contrast in the costume.

Okay! Let those dry. If you used acrylic inks it should only take 10-20 minutes to be completely dry. The nice think about the inks is they will not wash out or run onto your skin.

Now time for your makeup! Yay! I started with the eyes. Take your black eyeliner and line your whole eye. Then use black eye shadow to fill in your whole eye-socket with black. You’re eye socket extends farther under your eye than it does above it. Use your fingers to feel where the socket begins and ends. You shouldn’t have eye shadow all the way up to your brow. It you have a hight-light color (a shade of makeup lighter than your skin ton) you should highlight around the outside of your eye socket to set that black bat, and pull the bone forward. Essentially, put highlighter under your eyebrow and on your cheek bone under you’re eye.

Now for the lips. I used two different shades of lipstick here. First, I applied a red, extremely moist lip stick by Avon to the whole lip, top and bottom. Then, I took my black lip-stick, which is normally dry (I use Barry M), and lined my lips with it. I worked right from the bullet, but you may need a brush to help you. Once you’re lips are lined thickly, just smooth them together to blend the two colors! Easy!

Now its time to stick on your wounds. Once they have had plenty of time to solidify, peel them off of the wax paper or cling wrap carefully. Trim any crinkly edges, and put a healthy amount of spirit gum on the back. Then press into your skin and hold until it sets. Use a little foundation around the edges of the wounds to blend with your skin, or just cover the edges in blood. 😀

Time for dirt: you can use real dirt, or eyeshadow and tea leaves. Take your black eye shadow, and use a brush, a sponge, or you’re fingers, and smear it on your arms and chest for a dirty appearance. You can spirit gum tea leaves or dirt to your body by spreading a layer of gum over the skin, then sprinkle on the leaves or dirt and let set. You may want to overlap the two.

And finally, everyone’s favorite part: the blood. You can either use store-bought blood or make your own with corn starch and food coloring. Remember, if your red is to bright, add a little brown. Then, using a Q-tip, dribble it around your wounds, and mouth. Then put fake blood on each of your fingers and smear on neck, arms and chest. You can be a fresh, slightly bloodied zombie, or an ancient, decaying, brain eating machine. It’s up to you!

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