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This weekend was awesome. Besides a wonderful annual caricature gig on Saturday afternoon (I love being paid to draw children), my best friend Kelley came up to my studio in Lowell for the weekend to have a super craft marathon. In a day and a half we got a solid 10 hours of work time in, as well as 3  hours of brainstorming, art-absorbing, and inspiration gathering. The rest of our free time was either spent sleeping eating or shopping. But shopping is also a part of the process I assure you. What better way to scout retailing techniques, research the latest fashion trends, and build your personal brand than by shopping? I think every artist can relate to me when I say that  shopping–not even purchasing but the act of browsing–is an important part of the 24 hour creative process.

Anyway, During our time in the studio, Kelley was hard at work on her beading projects, totally absorbed in that one task despite the fact that she lugged an entire shoulder of leather up to the studio in order to get started on some bags and masks. She finally took the last hour or so of work time to pattern and trace on her leather just to get started. But in the mean time, she got a lot of beading work done! Above is a shot of one of her intricate beaded necklaces. Ever talented and creative, Kelley even made me a headdress in order to practice the design in preparation to make a whole line of beaded headdresses, and it is absolutely stunning! I have to take some better pictures, but you should be excited for the dripping beaded magic that will be coming off of my head in the near future.

I on the other hand spend the entire weekend working on using up the last of my quarter hide making masks, braces, and hair accessories. In the photo above, I am sporting one of my favorite new mask styles which I found to be especially flattering. As frequent readers will know, I just patterned about 10 more styles of masks for men, women, and children. The masks range from thick to thin, pointy to soft, with a range of eye hole sizes and nose shapes so that my brand will accommodate a wide range of face shapes. Your nose does not have to settle for some “standard” mask shape. I offer variety. Anyhow, I think the standard black mask was a good place to start with the new mask patterns. Classic, versatile, sexy black masks; can’t go wrong there.

Here’s a picture of black masks, freshly painted, all lined up and ready for varnish. I tend to make small items in batches in order to work more efficiently, and thus save you and me money. So what’s next? Well, these crafting weekends will hopefully be a common occurrence in 2013 as we sign up for more and more conventions at which to sell our goods. Our first “test convention” will be Queen City Kamikaze Con at the Manchester New Hampshire High School on February 16th. It will be a minuscule convention, which is why I consider it a test, but it will be a chance to practice hauling our merch and display stuff around, setting up quickly, and give us an indication of what items sell to which demographic. We want to focus our time on making things that people actually want. So on that note, if any of you readers have any requests for cool leather accessories, armor, or jewelry, leave us a comment below and we will certainly take a shot at adding your request to our line.

In the mean time, you can see what we already offer at the Etsy store. Soon to be retitled, re-styled, and restocked, that is where we will be selling our products to the online and international community. However some items may sell at conventions or fairs before we have a chance to list them online. So if you are looking for something specific, shoot us a message and we can let you know if there’s anything in our inventory that meets your needs. We will try to list as much as we can online, but listings take time and some things are sure to be missed. Hope you understand.

Until next time, thanks for reading!

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In an effort to get my Facebook fan page over that last hump before 300 ‘likes’ I decided to have a give-away. One lucky fan of my page will be selected at random to receive this hand-made, hand-painted ginko leaf leather necklace for free! 

All you have to do in order to participate is visit my Facebook Fan Page, give the page a ‘like’ and then ‘share’ a post about the give-away on your wall or on a friends wall. Everyone who shares a give-away post will have their name entered to win. But you must share before Jan 7th at Midnight (Sunday Night into Monday). If my Facebook page reaches 300 likes, which it will because we are only one away at the time of this posting, then I will pick a winner at random on Monday morning, and contact the winner via Facebook that same day to obtain a shipping address where they would like to receive their free necklace.

Again, you can find similar hand-made leather jewelry by visiting my etsy shop anytime!

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The craft gallery at Shaunart.net has been updated with ten new leather pieces. All medium to large jewelry and accessories, each item was made from vegetable tanned leather: hand-cut, carved, and painted by me. You can find all of my leather items currently for sale in my Etsy shop, but my best work will always be featured in my crafts portfolio whether or not the item has already sold.

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This summer I am going to be doing a lot of crafting, especially because I will be selling at a Renaissance Faire. To start the summer off, I have been making jewelry, and some of that jewelry has involved natural gemstones which are thought to have medicinal properties. The idea is that everything vibrates at the molecular level at a different frequency, and that causes everything to give off energy.

Some natural materials are thought to give off energies which can be very beneficial to the mind and body. Some stones can cure insomnia, help relieve stress, bring good fortune, and even strengthen your bones. Wether you believe that wearing a medicinal stone will have any measurable effect on your physical health, I think that they are a great way to help the mind focus on more positive things. If you wear a stone for courage, it will serve as a reminder that you aim to face your fears. Or a stone to calm the mind might help you focus your thoughts; by focusing on the stone, you can clear your mind of all other things, and thus by your own will-power, achieve a stress-free state.

I have a wide assortment of stones such as charoite, jasper, howlite, citrine, and more, in heart shapes and in rounded nuggets. They are strung on either a silver chain or on a black cord. I will be selling these necklaces at the upcoming Silver Kingdom Renaissance Festival in Charlton, MA this june. Anything that doesn’t sell at the faire will be put up for sale on my Etsy.  And this assortment is only some of what I’ve made so far. There’s plenty more to come.

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About a month ago, my mom and I went to go check out a new Thrift store in town. In a junk bin of miscellaneous jewelry parts, I found half of an old, fake watch. It was terribly dirty–black even. But it was interesting non-the-less. I asked if I could have it for 50 cents (normally items in that bin are $1) because it was only half of the item, and I couldn’t find the back. They said no, all items are as-is. Well I kind-of wanted this weird little clock, but I didn’t want to pay for a half that I wasn’t getting, so I continued to push around pieces until I found what looked like the backing to this watch. And, yay! The piece fit together. So I invested a dollar in this grimy little piece of garbage, and took it home to see if it couldn’t be fixed up.

I looked on the internet for how to clean fake gold, and found great advice from a video on Youtube, the URL for which is buried somewhere on my Twitter feed. The video said to scrub scrub scrub the item with toothpaste,  rinse and repeat. So I tried it, and it seemed to be working! I had to really lather the toothpaste on heavy, and I had to reapply it three times, but I could definitely see it working. After a good scrubbing, I took off the face of the clock (which is just a piece of shiny plastic) to remove the old glue with some nail-polish remover. Then I laid the face back on with some superglue.

Next, I needed a string for it, fortunately, I was able to find a black necklace cord on ebay for $0.01, free shipping. That’s right, I put together this necklace for $1.01 (not including taxt). Thank you China. I think it came out really cute.

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