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The photographer that shot our X-men photoshoot at Connecticon 2011 said that the pictures should be ready to post in a day or two!! I am very excited to see how the shoot turned out, and will post them on my cosplay blog as soon as I have them. I will also provide a link to that gallery on this blog for easy access through the Shaunart.net homepage. Once I have those nice pictures from the shoot, I will also be able to post the new costume page for X-23.

I have also spoken with Nerd Caliber, the online news site dedicated to covering Conventions, Cosplay, Comics and other Nerd related news. I worked in front of the camera helping Nerd Caliber to interview Connecticon’s cosplayers. They said that the video interviews should be ready by the end of the week.

I’ll continue to keep you updated if there are any changes to this schedule. So check back often!!

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Our newly formed cosplay group, Meta Cosplay, had a wonderful time being interviewed by Nerd Caliber . Watch the video below or follow the link to their site.

To see more on my Sophie costume, visit the page!

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