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Image by Shauna LevaFinally, my last project of 2010! Its a set of twelve Zodiac Pin-up girls.

I have depicted each sign of the Zodiac (Prior to 2011) using a very specific format; each sign is personified with a pin-up girl who embodies some of the alleged characteristics of the sign. The girl is placed in front of a decorative medallion that mimics some of the shapes or rhythms of the sign’s symbol, which appears above the medallion. The items or animals that represent the sign are also present, as well as the colors associated with those signs, and in most cases, the sign’s lucky flower. The element that represents the sign is also a very important element, which flanks the medallion, and draws connections between signs of the same elements.

I used myself as reference for all of the pictures, creating a generic character to represent each sign, which I think, makes each image more universal because of the repetition of the same face. The focus is with the pose, the outfit, and the symbolic elements of the piece because those are the features which are dynamic and changing.

This series of work is fun, girly, and whimsical, and I hope that it speaks to a large audience of astrology and pin-up enthusiasts. My biggest style inspiration for this series was Alphonse Mucha. He renders his beautiful woman in a similar style, and employs knot-work and huge medallions as decorative elements. I love his work, and I looked at a lot of his pieces during the planning stages of this series.

Zodiac Pin-ups Gallery


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