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Hey Everyone,

Long time no see. I have been busy getting ready for the Holidays, finishing up my holiday open houses, and of course, making some of my first large scale leather armor pieces. My Etsy shop is finally filling up with the sorts of impressive armor I aim to be known for.

All the armor featured in this post is made from 100% natural vegetable tanned cow hide. At 4-5oz this leather is firm and durable yet retains a degree of flexibility to conform to just about any body. I patterned all the designs myself which means you won’t find the same items anywhere else. All pieces were hand painted using a waterproof acrylic ink, and sealed with a waterproof varnish. Now all I have to do is get my hands on some models so I can photograph these on the human body.

I am also looking for suggestions as to what people would like to see used for body straps. At the moment my shoulder armor is the only thing sold in my etsy I that does not included all the necessary straps too wear as is. Everything else comes with all the ties and fasteners needed. Don’t worry, the price of the shoulder armor doesn’t include the cost of straps, and never will. I plan to have folks buy straps separately. But what types of straps are you looking for? Do you want to see belts of military webbing, real leather, fake leather? Options for all three? Poll at the bottom of the post.

Now, some of you may be thinking, “what even are these things?” Well, they are all different types of wearable leather costume armor, made personally by me for the upper body. To find out more specifics about each item, how they were made, how to wear them, and what they are selling for, you should probably click on the pictures! Again, this armor is designed to fit a wide range of people from petite to really really large. However, if you are looking for something made specific to your measurements and with a custom design, you should get in touch with me either through my Etsy, by leaving a comment, or through my website. Thanks for reading!

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In less than two weeks, over 140 local artists of Lowell, MA will open their doors to the public for the 12th annual Lowell Open Studios Event. With over fifteen studio locations throughout the heart of Lowell, this two day event is a great opportunity for the community to buy original and reproduced artworks straight from the artists who created them. Artists all over the city are hard at work as we speak, building inventory for the event; with so much artwork to choose from, you are sure to find something to fit both your style and your budget.

My studio, #527, located at 122 Western Avenue will be open both days from 11-5pm. I will be selling original watercolors & prints, as well as one-of-a-kind leather armor, jewelry, & accessories. I have a number of great halloween items in stock, as well as several pieces designed specifically for the renaissance fair season! Complete your cosplay, steampunk, or renaissance costume with a themed necklace or decorated arm bracer. My studio is located at circle #1 on the map below. You can click on the map to zoom in.

To view more of my work, please visit http://shaunart.net, and to learn more about the Lowell Open Studios event (what artists will be there, and where to go to see live demonstrations), please visit lowellopenstudios.org.

Hope to see you there!

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I love to sew, sew so much!

Whenever I get spare time, I want to sew. This week, I had a little free time, and so in the past two days I’ve made two new things to wear to the Silver Kingdom Renaissance Festival. One is a 16th century blouse, and the other a patent vinyl traveler’s pouch.

The shirt needs to be ironed, I know. Joann Fabrics was having a sale on Simplicity patterns, so I bought a new one for Renaissance clothing. I was going to try and make the blouse without a pattern, but since it was on sale, I decided to take the easy route. The blouse is made from egyptian cotton and lace. The whole garment is done with french seams so the inside is just as beautiful as the outside.


I was admiring some of the shirts at the faire this past weekend, and really wanted one of my own. But the shirts for sale at the faire were about $40 each. I made my shirt for about $7.

Above is my blouse paired with a waist belt. I plan to wear this blouse with a bodice, an underbust corset, a waist belt, or some other sort of tie.

For my cool traveler’s purse, I used black patent vinyl with a leather texture.

The gusset had to be hand-stitched to the front and back panels because it is lined and rigidly interfaced. The whole purse is lined with a soft black polyester that has a slight sheen. It has loops on the top so it can be threaded onto a belt or a strap with ease. The fastener is made of a pirate button that I had lying around, and some strong leather cord.

This purse will be perfect to wear with cosplays and costumes that don’t have pockets. I kept it all black so that it can be paired with more outfits.

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